Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get to know me ❤

First of all, thank you so much for getting me to over 90 subscribers! That seriously blows my mind! Your are all amazing ❤

I realised that I have never actually told you anything about myself... One of the reasons for that is probably that I am not really that interesting so I thought that it wouldn't be that exciting to share stuff about me with you. But I came over this really fun tag on youtube and I really wanted to do it! And to be honest, one of the biggest reasons I did this is that I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually do it. Antoher thing I wanted to say is that I really want to do a "my childhood" kind of post. As some of you might now I don't have my computer right now so I don't have any pictures.. But let me now if you would be interested in seeing that in the future!

And also as this is a get to know me post, and it was my birthday yesterday, I wanted to share just a couple of pictures from that too (Just realised that I forgot to post the pictures. lol! Working on it now). So I really hope you guys enjoy this! And again, thank you so much for sticking with me!

Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you liked this. (If you want, you can do so by clicking here!) I'm still really new to all this, but it would make me so happy! :) And also let me now if there are any particular posts you would like to see from me in the future! ❤

Oh, and PS! I know I haven't respondet to all of you that left comments on my last post! I had a computer free day yesterday, so I didn't get to do it then. I will definitely get back to all of you though! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting! :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Outfit of the day 02.22.13 ❤

Yesterday I had a really late start at school. I didn|t start until 1 pm!! So I decided to film an outfit of the day video. My outfit wasn't anything super extraordinary or anything, but I really liked it so I wanted to share it with you guys!

This is my outfit:

My white sweater is from H&M a little while ago. I love it because it'd really soft and warm, but i think it still looks good. I got it for about 100 NOK which is equivalent to $16-17 and £10 which I thought was a pretty good bargain. I wore a pink t-shirt underneath the sweater which I got from Abercrombie & Fitch a couple of years back.

My pants are jeggings from A&F. I love these so much! I actually have them in blue as well. They are really comfortable to wear, but I love the pattern on them and the whole look of them in general. 

My bracelet is from H&M and it really old. I'm not really good when it comes to jewellery.. I have a little amount, but I always forget to wear is and end up just wearing the same pieces over and over again. I really like the pieces I wear though, so that's good, right?

My watch is from Guess, and I've had this for a couple of years as well. I got it as a birthday present from my grandparents and I wear it every single day pretty much without fail. (And yeah, I know, I'm pale as a ghost! lol)

I got this necklace after my boyfriend went on holiday with his family just a few months after we started dating. I love it! Blue is my absolute favorite color, and this kind of blue paired with the gold just looks amazing (I think so anyway).

I love pearl earrings. I think they just look so classy and elegant, and you just look a little more put together with them than without. I god this pair from my mum before I was going on a trip to the US a while back. I love them!

And that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed this quick little OOTD. And please leave me feedback on the video as well. I'm still really new to the whole youtube thing, and I am definitely open for ideas and suggestions. And I'm sorry if my english is kind of shaky. I am pretty sure I can speak english fluently when having a conversation with other people, but once I turn the camera on my brain just shuts off and I can't get things out the way I wanted to. If that made any sense at all.. lol! Anyways, it would make me so happy if you guys would subscribe to my channel. I am working on making my videos better, and once I have my computer back I can start developing my editing skills as well.
I love you all, thank you so much for reading my blog!

xx, Siri

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My everyday makeup routine ❤

First of all I wanted to start by saying I'm sorry I've been a little MIA lately. I had to take my computer in to service, so that's the main reason. I don't get it back in another 2-4 weeks, so that kind of sucks. I am way to dependent on my computer, so maybe this will be good for me. I can steal my boyfriends computer from time to time though so I won'tt be totally absent.

Today I am going to show you what I put on my face on a daily basis, my everyday makeup routine. I usually keep it quite simple from day to day. I don't use foundation, and just a little of mascara on my eyes. But I though it might be somewhat interesting to share it with you anyways.

I start by using the Origins VitaZing on my entire face. it is a moisturizer, but it also has some coverage which helps evening out my skintone a little. Then I conceal under my eyes and any blemishes I might have. Which concealer I use varies from day to day, but here I am using the MAC select moisturecover and Tarte maracuja creaseless concealer. I'm not 100% satisfied with either of them, but they do the job pretty well. I have really bad undereye circles, so it takes a lot to cover them up. I set those two things with my Maybelline Dream Matte powder. I don't think this powder is anything out of the ordinary, but it is a pretty good powder.

I add a little bit of NARS Laguna bronzer to my cheeks and dust it over my forehead, nose and chin to warm up my face a little. I am seriously the palest of pales in the winter time. I add some mascara on my upper lashes. I usually don't wear it on my lower lashes on a daily basis because I like how it looks and also mascara really tends to smudge under my eyes so I find that it's better if I don't apply too much. Here I am using the Chanel Inimitable mascara. I finish the look with just a little color on my lips. The Dior colorburst color reviving lip balm is perfect for that. It is supposed to adjust to your lips so that everone gets a slightly different color when applying it. I don't know if that's true, but I really really like it!

And that's it. If you want to see how I do it and how the final look turns out pleace watch the youtube video I made on it. And if you like it I would be very happy if you would subscribe to my channel! ❤

What is one makeup product that you can not live without on an everyday basis? Please let me know in the comments as I am always looking for new better products to try out!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Liebster Awards

First of all; Hayyp Valentine's Day everybody. I hope you all are spending the day with someone you love, whomever that might be! <3

Recently I've been nominated for two Liebster Awards, by the lovely Emily and Rosa. Thank you so much both of you! They have wonderful blogs, so you should definitely go an check them out!
The Liebster Award is an award going around where people nominate other up and coming bloggers who have 200 or less followers. I think this is such a great idea to let people know about other good blogs out there! Obviously I haven't gotten around to doing the post yet, so I though I would combine the two and do it now.

The rules are
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you
3. Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs

11 facts about me
1. I am at my second year of university studying biology.
2. I live with my boyfriend in our own little apartment, which I love.
3. I would rather have a cozy night in with my friends or bf than go out.
4. I love to read, but after I started university I pretty much only have time to read for school.
5. I LOVE chocolate, it's can go a bit to the extreme sometimes...
6. I really want to live in the US (at least for a couple of years), and I am so jealous of people who do.
7. If I could bring two american stores to Norway it would be Target and Whole Foods (I could actually make that list way longer, but I wouldn't know how to stop).
8. I love to travel, it is probably the main reason why I can't wait to finish uni and get a proper job.
9. I let my emotions control way too many things in my life.
10. Summer is my favorite season, but February is my favorite month of the year.
11. I've been wanting to start making youtube videos for years because I love film making, photography and editing, but I am also kind of scared to do it as english is not my first language...

1. What make up item makes you feel most confident?
I have to say concealer, because I have really bad dark circles under my eyes. I would say mascara too though, because I feel like a little bit of mascara just instantly makes me look more awake. 

2. Cats or dogs?
I've always been a dog person and I really want a dog someday. Recently I've been getting more and more into cats too though. I used to be a little scared of them, but I've just been liking them more and more. 

3. How do you pass the time when you're bored?
YouTube, without doubt. I spend way to much time watching youtube videos. And all other sort of social media sited like twitter, facebook etc. And blogger of course. 

4. Optimist or pessimist?
I would mostly say I am a pretty optimistic person. I try to see the good things in pretty much every situation. I am definitely more positive and encouraging when it comes to other people though. 

5. What would you buy right now if you had all the money you wanted?
Probably a house in the States (that's what my boyfriend said, lol). I really want a car to have where we live while we study though, and I've been talking about having an elliptical for probably the past four years so I should buy that too. 

6. What is your "guilty" food?
I already said that I love chocolate, so definitely that. I also love ice cream a LOT. Which is one reason why I love summer. It is just too cold here in the winter to be eating ice cream on a regular basis.

7. What is your favorite TV show?
I actually have a ton. I'm not sure I could pick, so I'm just going to list a few. The vampire diaries, Pretty little liars, Glee, Grey's anatomy and Modern family (a recent obsession)....

8. Where are you from?
I'm from Fredrikstad, Norway. It's about an hour away from Oslo which is the capital of Norway. I'm living pretty far away from there right now, but I hope to move back to that area after uni. 

9. What feature do you find the most attractive in the opposite sex?
Their smile and their eyes. Pretty clichĂ©, but I can't help it. A happy, kind face beats pretty much anything. 

10. What do you think is your best physical feature?
My eyes. I think it is the only thing I can say that I actually really like. I used to wish I had brown eyes, but now I really like my blue ones. 

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I will be 30 (turning 31 very soon). I am hoping to be married by then. I really want to have at least one child before I'm 30, so we'll see how that goes. I also hope to have a steady job that I am happy with. Pretty standard I think..?

Questions for my nominees
1. Where are you from?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. What's your dream vacation destination?
4. What's a makeup item you can't live without?
5. Why did you start blogging and what do you like about it?
6. What is your favorite childhood memory?
7. If you could be stuck at any age for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
8. What makes you feel the most confident?
9. How would you describe your style?
10. Favorite movie of all time?
11. Night in or night out?

I nominate:

Please let me know if or when you do the tag so I can read your posts! :)

Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for getting me to 50 subscribers. I really appreciate everyone of you, and you have some amazing blogs as well! <3 
If you know of any other amazing blogs I should check out, please let me know. I am always looking for new people to follow :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Treat: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

With Valentine's day just around the corner, I thought I would give you guys a final idea for something to make for your friends and loved ones. These aren't exactly the most original thing in the world, but I absolutely LOVE chocolate covered strawberries. It is easy to make, doesn't take too much time and it tastes so delicious. You could wrap it in a cute box and it would make the perfect little gift for your special someone, your girlfriends, your parents or anyone you feel deserve a little something extra. As I said, this is so easy to make, and the idea isn't exactly new so you've maybe even made this before, but I love this idea so I though I would show you how I make them :)

This is all you need. Pretty obvious really; some chocolate and strawberries. I used two chocolate plates like this for the strawberries on this plate.

To melt the chocolate, I boil some water and place a bowl with the chocolate on top of a colander that came with the boiler. You don't need to have this at all, you could just place the bowl of chocolate directly in the hot water, but be careful so the water doesn't get into the chocolate. And one more thing, be careful so your chocolate doesn't get too hot. When chocolate reaches a certain temperature, the structure in it will start to denature and instead of getting soft melted chocolate you will end up with a hard, clumpy consistency (trust me, I've been there and it's not fun). So be sure to stir the chocolate quite frequently and maybe take it out of the water for a little while if you think it is getting to hot. I know that all you americans out there have some chocolate that it meant for melting and that you can just put in the microwave, so if you have access to that, go for it! ;)

Now time for the fun part. When all the chocolate is melted you can start dipping the strawberries. This is where you can get really fancy if you wanted to, with different colored chocolate, sprinkles or other fun decorations. I had some small heart shaped decorations, but I didn't like how it looked so I decided to leave them out. They still taste delicious either way :)
But all your covered strawberries on a plate or baking sheet or something like that (preferably something non-sticky) and but it in the fridge for about an hour or to keep there until you need them. 
And voilĂ ! There you have it, your own home made chocolate covered strawberries. I feel kind of silly putting this up, but I made them, and I love them, and they're delicious, so I thought I would show you anyway! 

Do you like chocolate covered strawberries? Have you ever made them yourself? And what other treats do you like to make when you want something a little extra?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY: The perfect Valentine's Day gift!

My boyfriend and I had out two year anniversary this past week, and on the day he surprised me with this heart shaped string art he had made for me. I've seen these on pinterest before, and always thought they were so pretty and would be so fun to make, but I never did.. I was kind of amazed that my boyfriend had made one of these, because I've never even talked about them, but I always really wanted one. And I thought that since I think that they are so pretty, maybe some of you will too! They are actually quite easy to make once you get started, and they make the perfect Valentine's gift! Or just a gift for someone you care about in general. I actually made my very first youtube video on how to make this, so check it out at my youtube channel, SirisLife! And one more thing; sorry that the picture quality is a little off in this post. I had some issues with my camera and the lighting didn't really help. I hope you don't mind too much!

What you will need:
A piece of paper
A wooden board of any size you want
A pen or pencil
A hammer
Paint in the color you want the board to be
Yarn or thread in the color you want your heart (or other shape) to be in
A bunch of small nails
You will also need some scissors

The first thing you do is to cover your entire board with the paint. You might have to paint it two or three times depending on how well the paint covers. Then let it dry for as long as it says on the package/container. Draw out your desired shape on a piece of paper while the board is drying. 

Place the shape on top of your board and start hammering in the nails along the line you drew. Make sure that you don't hammer them in too far, but they have to be securely fastened. Also try to keep all the nails in approximately the same height. When you are done, remove the paper by just tearing it away. 

Secure your thread by tying it around a nail for a couple of times, and then start twisting it around all of the nails in your shape. Then just start twisting it around different nails to fill in your shape and create a somewhat random pattern. Try to keep the thread as tight as possible so it will stay in place. 

Continue until you are happy with how it looks. Then just tie the thread around one of the nails a couple of times and cut off any excess. And then you are done! 

As I mentioned I also made a video to show how I did this. It is my very first video, so it would mean a lot to me if you would check it out, and maybe subscribe to my channel if you want to! :) If you want you can check it out here!

Let me know if you like this idea, and let me know how it goes if you try it out! What would you make if you was going to give someone a homemade gift for Valentine's Day (I have an edible one coming up next week)?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My favorite Bath & Body Works candles

I mentioned in a blog post earlier that I might do a post on my favorite Bath & Body Works candles, so that's what I am doing right now. I've been obsessed with these candles for probably the past year or so, and I blame the addiction entirely on the Youtube beauty community. People over there always talk about these candles and how amazing they are, and as I am easily influenced by such things, I had to check them out. Where I live you don't have any access to a Bath and Body Works, so when I went to Toronto and NYC this summer, I might have gone a little candle-crazy... Okay, maybe a lot! And then I was hooked, so when the fall and winter scents came out, I had to get some of those as well. I pretty much love every candle that I have (which is good, since I picked them out and bought them..), but here are some of my absolute favorites. I also put B&BW's description of each candle next to the pictures.

Vanilla Snowflake
This delectable fragrance of creamy vanilla, winter mint and a touch of coconut evokes a dreamy snowflake filled day.
I love this candle! I know I said I love all of them, but this is one of my absolute favorites. When you first smell it, it can be a little overpowering and vanilla-y. But when you burn it you can really smell the mint and coconut in it, and mixed with the vanilla it makes this candle the most perfect, comfortable, cozy and warm scent ever. This is the candle I am currently burning, and as you can see I am getting to the end of it. I actually have another one of these at my parents' house though, so I'm good for a little while longer.

Mahogany Teakwood
The scents of fine woods - mahogany, cedarwood and oak - highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to a cozy library on a chill fall day.
I know that everybody says this, but it is because it is so true! This scent smells just like an Abercrombie & Fitch store. I really like how the A&F stores smell, so when I heard about this candle I had to check it out. I don't really know a better way to describe it. I'm sure most of you know the store smells, but if you don't, you should take a whiff next time you get the opportunity. We don't have A&F here either, so for me this smell kind of reminds me of going to London or NYC or any other city that has the store.

A fragrance that embodies the richness of fall - with all of its colors and pleasures - featuring notes of golden nectar, ripe delicious apple and red berries.
This one is another one of the really well talked about ones. And for good reason as well. This candle smells so good! To me it smells kind of cinnamon-y and spicy, but at the same time fresh and a little bit fruity. I love that it is spicy and warm, but not too spicy. It is pretty much the perfect fall scent (that is amazing to burn the whole year round).

Mango Cilantro
I bought this candle in Toronto, and it does not have a description on the bottom, but on the website it says: Cool, crisp cilantro, juicy mango and fresh white nectarine.
This candle smells like summer to me. It obviously smells like mango, but not the overly sweet kind of mango. It has more of a fresh mango scent, if that makes sense? Maybe it is the cilantro (coriander), I don't know.. But I am usually not the biggest fan of mango scents, and I still love this candle!

Lavender Vanilla
A blend of two timeless scents - lavender and creamy vanilla - becomes unforgettable with touches of cedarwood, delicate jasmine and citrus. 
If you want to just relax and have a calming scent, this one is perfect. The description is pretty much right on and it is amazing. I think this would be a really good bedroom scent as it is so relaxing and calming.

Twisted Peppermint
A fragrance featuring merry and bright peppermint with touches of vanilla and sugary musk is the perfect companion for a very snowy day. 
As the candle is called Twisted Peppermint it is probably appropriate that it smells like peppermint, but I really don't know how else to describe it.. It's kind of cold and fresh and peppermint-y, and it's a different kind of scent than all the warm and sweet scents. I really like it a lot, but I do love peppermint, so no surprise there.

Pink Sangria
A refreshing island classic made with juicy raspberries, zesty mandarin and sugared grapes soaked in brandy. 
This (and the next one) is another one of the very summer-y scents. It makes me think of sun and beaches and bikinis and umbrella drinks and everything that has to do with summer when I smell it. It is crisp and smells a lot of citrus, and.. I feel like my lacking ability to describe scents is becoming more and more obvious as we go, but oh well. I am doing the best I can. It is a really good scent anyway!

Island Margarita
A tempting island favorite with mandarin, sweet mango and plum, highlighted with sweet tangelo and sandalwood.
This one is another one of my absolute favorites. It immediately takes me to summer (much like the previous one) and when I smell it I imagine being on a tropical island somewhere. It is sort of a soft kind of scent, if that is a thing. This one is also a citrus scent, but not as sharp as Pink Sangria is. I just really really like it.

Tiki Beach
A scent as warm as the sun! A luxurious blend of toasted coconut, vanilla musk and orchids brings the glamour of a resort-stay to you. 
This is most likely THE favorite. I absolutely adore this candle. I haven't heard that many people talk about it, maybe I've just been living under a rock, but I love it! I'm not really sure what it is? The description isn't something that would usually draw me in, but I can't stop smelling this candle. I think I've been on vacation somewhere and it smelled like this or something, because it just makes me so happy. As the description says, it smells like you're at a really luxurious resort at a tropical place, and if I ever go to a place that smells like this, I'm not sure I'll ever leave.

So that's all the candles I was planning on talking about today. I also have two candle holders, and I like to have something to put my candles in so that they don't stand out so much. Especially if I am burning a candle that don't go to well with the colors of the decorations around it. 

I hope this you found it semi-interesting to read about all these candles and my poorly description of them. What are your favorite candles? Or if you don't like candles, what are your favorite scents in general?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nutella rolls (& some cinnamon rolls as well)

It's been snowing here for the last couple of days pretty much without stop, so today I decided to try out my baking skills. Cinnamon rolls are something that I bake quite often as far as baking goes, so today I wanted to try out something a little bit different. I absolutely love Nutella, and I love rolls as well, so I figured I would try to combine the two and make Nutella rolls. They actually turned out really well, so I though I would share my recipe and some pictures with you. 

The things you will need are:

1 kg all-purpose flour 
1,5 packets of yeast (approx. 18 g dried/50 g fresh)
200-300 g sugar
200 g butter
5 dl milk
1 tsp cardamom 

The first thing you do is melt butter and add milk. Then you add the yeast (crumble it into the mixture if you're using fresh yeast). Add all the dry ingredients, and mix until everything is combined.

Then you have to let the dough rise for about an hour or until it has doubled in size and looks something like this.

Put your dough on your baking surface and roll it out to a big, flat rectangle. How thin you want it is a lot up to you, but I like to make it quite thin so I can put more cinnamon and sugar, or in this case Nutella on it :)

The next step is to add your content. As you can see I decided to go with half Nutella and half cinnamon, sugar and butter. For the Nutella side all you have to do is spread the Nutella out on your dough. For the cinnamon side I first spread out some butter with a knife and then added sugar and cinnamon on top. (There should more cinnamon on the dough than shown in this picture!)

When you're happy with the content, you start rolling the dough as shown to the left over, and when you're done it should look something like the picture on the right. Cut across the roll in about finger-thick slices. 

Spread your slices on a baking sheet and then it is time to let them rise again. To speed up the rising process you can place the sheets in a warm place, for example close to a heater or over a sink filled  with hot water.
When your happy with the size of the rolls (after around another hour if you have time), you put them in the oven at 225*C (435F) for about 8-10 mins. 

And that's it! Both of the versions turned out really good, if I shall say so myself. Haha. But they're actually pretty good, so if you're in the mood for some comfort food on a cold winter night you should definitely try these out :)
Do you like to bake or make food? What's your favorite thing to make?